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I was fortunate enough to find two of my passions very early on in life. I grew a love for slacklining at the age of 15, and continue to relentlessly pursue it today. It has changed my life in more ways than I can list. It's not just the intense focus required to balance yourself on something an inch wide while hundreds of feet in the air, but also the people I've met, places I've gone, and the ideas I've been exposed to. Ideas about how to be happy, and satisfied with life. Slacklining and the community of extraordinary people who do it have had a profoundly positive impact on my life and who I am today. 

The same can be said of blacksmithing. I've been doing it for almost exactly the same amount of time as slacklining, picking it up at age 15. Before I was a blacksmith, I taught myself how to weld at age 11 and dabbled with metal work but was never really interested in it until I discovered blacksmithing. As someone who endlessly got scolded for lighting fires and cutting things as a child, it was the perfect hobby for me. Much like slacklining, for me blacksmithing is an intense form of meditation. It requires 100% mental presence and focus with intention. I love how I forget about the outside world when I'm doing it and give over control to my creative impulse. 




2,000 feet above the valley floor in Yosemite, 2020


Avoiding getting scorched while quenching a 4140 hammer head 

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